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    Miracle Hair
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    Anna came to me with a dream of longer hair for her wedding. She had grown her hair out from a short pixie as much as she could before her wedding but it was still short. Her dream was to have hair to her shoulders. I wasn't sure I was up to the challenge but I said I could make it happen. I dyed custom extensions to match her natural hair color. I doubled up on the amount of hair ... More

    Multicultural Wedding Makeup
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    Nicole and her husband had two wedding ceremonies in one day. Her makeup throughout was romantic and sumptuous, with big doll lashes, and purple and bronze lids to accentuate her lovely eyes.  Soft pink blush and vivid red lipstick finished off her look. For her first wedding, a traditional Pakistani ceremony, I applied a jeweled bindi between her brows and left her hair curled and down. For the second ceremony, a traditional American wedding, we swapped the bindi for a ... More

    Behind the scenes
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    ...at the Good Style fall shoot Good Style's fall opening is Oct. 5, and in preparation Claire put together a sample of cool fall stuff for women. I created a polished look with winged liner, doll lashes, pink gloss, and a swept back updo. Photos: Stephanie Birr, styling: Claire Nouveau, model: Madeline Elledge.

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