MadRunway Fashion Show

Maggie Welsh Designer

On Friday May 2nd, 2014 I was lucky enough to be asked to be apart of a fashion show put on by local Midwest designers at the Madison Central Public Library during Gallery Night in downtown Madison. I was the lead Stylist and Make-up Artist and was assisted by the lovely Kayla Carr And Karlijn Purdy. This was the first of what will be a bi-annual event put on by in collaboration with Madison Sewing Studio. The studio is run out of Sector 67 located at 2100 Winnebago Street. Madison Sewing Studio is a collaborative sewing room offering affordable access to industrial sewing machine and work space for local and aspiring fashion designers. Along with the work space, they also offer a variety of community sewing classes to the public. MadRunway was brought about in order to give these local designers a venue to showcase their great work. I worked with Maggie Welsh, organizer for the show and local fashion and textile designer. What a great show! Can’t wait to do it again and support our great local talent!

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