I’m Opening My Own Beauty Shop!


Hello to all my lovely friends and clients,

Two years ago, I made a jump to leave a comfortable place in my life to explore my dreams and to challenge myself to become better. I’ve spent a lot of time in this period of my life trying to figure out the next step for me and my dreams. Thank you all for being there and supporting me through this process! Through all of the mistakes, ups and downs, and accomplishments I have felt your support and love. I could not be taking this next step without everyone who has had kind words, supported my business, and believed in me! I want to give credit to all the people who are making this next step possible. I’m opening my own Beauty Shop and this would not be happening with out all my lovely people! You are what makes my life great! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. A special thanks to my parents, Valerie and Charles Vervoort for putting up “Chuck Bucks” to help make this happen. Also, to my clients Brad Henke, Julie Walser, Sierra Korthof, and the amazing Kindra Goehler for making the design come to life for my branding and space. Also, thank you Nathan Piontek for wanting to take a big jump with me and being the best side-kick in the world! Thank you Daisy Quintal for giving me a salon home for the past two years while I was figuring myself out, and also for being a supportive and uplifting part of my process. None of this has been easy but we are doing it! To the salon staff at Union, you all are great and I am sad to leave. I didn’t know where I would be going two years ago. I didn’t realize this would all be so hard. I am thankful however that I have found that my home is in Madison and I am excited to share my life and what I have to give to this home in the years to come. Midwest Beauty House is projected to open at the beginning of June. I have a lot to do before then. Please bear with me in the next couple months as I make this tradition. If you would like emailed updates as they come with the new business, please sign up to be on my email list at www.midwestbeautyhouse.com!

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