Bridal FAQ

How do I reserve my wedding date?

Please note that I am not booking any more weddings for 2016.

Check with me by phone or email to see if the date is available. At that time, if the date is open, I always suggest that you book a free 15 minute consultation with me at Midwest Beauty House, so we can chat about details. You can either do this online at or by calling the salon directly at (608) 230-6556. I feel it is best to talk face to face to make sure all your questions are answered and I have all the information I need to make the beauty portion of your wedding a success. If you are not located in Madison, I suggest we have an online consult through Face Time or Skype. I will be taking a deposit to reserve your date for the 2017 season.

How much will my wedding services cost?

I charge per service. Hair and make-up both range depending on difficulty. Hair is $45-$120, and make-up ranges from $40-$85 for 2016.

Do you travel outside the Madison city limits for weddings?

I do travel out of the Madison City Limits. I do have a travel fee that will be quoted at the time of the consultation.

Do you require a bridal practice appointment?

I do not require a bridal practice for either hair or make-up but I do recommend it to help keep your wedding day running as smoothly as possible. Sometimes we have ideas of what our dream hair or make-up will be, but the reality is not something that feels comfortable or is even possible with your hair type or skin tone. Having a plan and seeing the styles on yourself before the wedding day assures you that you will be happy with the results when the big day arrives. I prefer to book the bridal practice no more than a month before the wedding. This ensures that all details for the styling are fresh in everyone’s minds, although I do take photos for reference on the wedding day.

How do I choose a hair style or make-up look for my wedding?

You may already have ideas of what you might be looking for. I love photo inspiration! Also, bringing pictures of your dress and decor to the consultation, are always helpful. Based on the over all feel and theme of the wedding, I will help you design a style and make-up look that fits you!

If I book you for a full day of freelance services, how many services can you perform?

It all depends on your schedule for the day of the wedding and when you need to be ready by. I have done wedding parties as big as 6-8 girls for both hair and make-up services but that was possible because it was a later afternoon or evening wedding. I do know great and talented people in the industry if you need help booking other talent to make you schedule seamless on your wedding day. My average times are 45 minutes per hair style and 30 minutes per make-up application. These are all things we can discuss at the time of your free consultation.

Do you perform air brush make-up?

I do not currently offer this service. If you are looking specifically for air brush make-up I recommend Barb Zanzig of BZ Artistry. I also have to add that air brush make-up is a heavy make-up application choice for bridal make-up and is not necessary to receive good photo results on your wedding day. Air brush technique can be achieved by brush application also if you are looking for a full coverage look.

Thanks for your interest and please feel free to email me with any other questions you may have.

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